Product Roadmap

What should a VR Social Network look like? We think it should help people:

  • Make new friends
  • Socialize more
  • Strengthen existing friendships
  • Find and build community

Here's our plan to make that happen.

Closed Beta: Your ROVR Profile

Your ROVR profile is a way to:

  • Let people know your interests, hobbies, and background
  • Understand your friends better
  • Give strangers a vibe check
  • Talk about your favourite topics, and find things to do
  • Direct people to other accounts (i.e. Twitter, Discord, Steam, VRChat, etc.)

Your ROVR profile combines your virtual identities and IRL interests. Along with a short bio and pictures, you can select or input custom profile tags that make you, you. These tags will help you meet new people, find and set up events, and take part in community groups.

ROVR is privacy-first. You can change or remove your profile information at any time, and change your visibility in your privacy settings.

Note: ROVR profiles are being tested and improved in closed beta. For now, join the waitlist!

New: Community Groups

Community Groups help people:

  • Find or create groups based on shared interests, activities, or existing communities and Discord servers
  • Help people get to know each other through a private or public directory of ROVR profiles
  • See shared interests, and encourage conversation about them
  • Find games (LFG) and hobbies to do together
  • Add each other on other Social VR apps/games (like VRChat) and accounts (like Discord)

Community groups help communities bond through introductions (Guest List), VR hangouts and events, richer profiles, and shared interests.

We're currently testing community groups and working on expanding their functionality. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

New: Your ROVR Guest List

VR opens you up to the whole world, and people of every background and belief. But right now, public VR servers and lobbies can be chaotic or intimidating. Since most of your IRL friends probably don't have a VR headset yet, it's also hard meeting new people from existing social circles.

Your ROVR Guest List introduces you to people who share profile tags, interests, personality and mutual friends with you. You'll want to meet these people, and they'll want to meet you. After you add each other on ROVR, you can say hi and meet up in VR right away through any VR apps/games you share.

As we refine the Guest List, we will reveal and explain its algorithm, which factors in common interests, mutual friends, personality traits, shared groups, and more.

Coming Soon: Messaging and Events

Up next is Messaging, which will support end-to-end encryption.

After that, we're launching Events, which will let you create and join VR and crossplay events across any VR app/game. This will work for both planned events (like birthdays), recurring events (like watch parties), LFG (for finding teammates), and spontaneous hangouts.

How Will We Make Money?

Though ROVR is open-source and open-algorithm, we still need to make money in order to run, grow, and improve our platform. We commit to monetizing ROVR in non-invasive and user-aligned ways. Following the examples of Steam and Discord, we believe a sustainable business model for ROVR will be a combination of paid customization features (like stickers, backgrounds, and custom emojis), and advanced power-user features (like additional filters, boosts, and options) for Profiles, Messaging, Events and Community Groups.

Does VR Need a Social Feed?

We don't like social feeds because they waste your time and can make people feel worse: they turn the Internet into a popularity contest. However, people do want to stay in the know with their friends. We're not sure: what should a social feed for Social VR look like?

Let us know what you think through the feedback button, Twitter, or our Discord server.

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