Privacy Policy

Your username, your optional display name, your optional bio, and whether or not you're new to VR will be visible to other users. Your personality traits (which we identify based on your answers to our personality questionnaire) will be visible to other users, but your specific questionnaire answers will not. Your additional profile information (including your age, gender, country, language, profile pictures, profile tags, community group membership, etc.) will be visible or hidden to other users depending on your privacy settings, which you can modify at any time.

We may share anonymized statistics about ROVR (for example, the number of users that use a particular Social VR app or game). You can opt out of these statistics in your privacy settings.

Your messages and message history with other users will not be shared with third-parties.

Your account email will not be shown to other users or shared with third-parties.

We only log the minimum information required in case of security incidents. This includes login events, password changes, and account email address changes. The only Personally Identifiable Information contained in these logs is usernames and email addresses. IP addresses are anonymized to the first two octets.

If you suspect your account has been compromised, please log out immediately and report the issue with the word 'URGENT' in the subject line. In the message, include your username, the last time you accessed the site, and any details that led you to suspect a break-in.

Your password is stored hashed and salted.

The Website runs on a virtualized server hosted in the United States by Google Cloud Canada Corporation. For additional information regarding Google's privacy practices, please review their Privacy Resource Center and Privacy Policy.

We employ the third-party services, Cloudflare, Adobe, and Redis Labs, to enable, secure, and improve our services and performance. For additional information regarding Cloudflare's privacy practices, please review their Privacy Policy. For additional information regarding Adobe's privacy practices, please review their Privacy Policy. For additional information regarding Redis Lab's privacy practices, please review their Privacy Policy.

If you find a vulnerability or privacy leak, please report it to us discreetly.

You can review all of your data that we have on file on your profile and in your account settings.

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