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Why did we make ROVR? Because these days, loneliness is universal.

How VR fights loneliness

VR is empathetic tech: in VR, you can feel the presence of other people as if you were in the same room.

A VR social network could help you spend more quality time with real people. It could introduce you to interesting people from all over the world with similar interests, communities, or stories. It could help strengthen your friendships and your communities—and maybe even your heart.

Our story

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Like everyone, we know what loneliness feels like: physical distance, not being understood, not having a sense of belonging.

But Virtual reality has changed our lives. ROVR creators Kyle and Anthony joined VR in 2018 and 2020. ROVR advisor Syrmor is a VR embedded journalist and has been uploading his "Humans of VR" series since 2018. We've spent thousands of hours in VRChat, where we've made some of our closest friends from all over the world—and even significant others!

Imagine a place where you can truly be yourself, be free, and belong. That's the kind of Social VR we want to see, and that's the kind of social network we're building.

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