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Whether you're hanging out at the ballpark, sightseeing in Paris, or hiking in Hawaii, you want to make the most of your visit. Experience more. Through Rovr - a location-based self-guided tour-app – you can connect through stories and personal experiences. It’s a platform to explore, share and capture stories about places.

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engage audiences

rovr FOR Organizations,
Companies, Ballparks,

Rovr lets you move beyond expensive, static signs and billboards to inspire and engage fans, visitors, and audiences with interactive, curated content on-demand and on-location. Rovr is easy to use – the content automatically plays based on your location. It’s a platform that lets you deliver new content in hours instead of days or months, all without worrying about app development.

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happier visitors

Rovr delivers personalized, on demand content when it matters most. The platform increases visitor satisfaction while saving costs with a 100% cloud-based content platform. You'll give visitors more reasons to come back again and again.

building partnerships

Rovr provides more opportunities and value for brand partnerships, offering brands another channel for exposure and activation of their audiences. The platform can accommodate a greater number and variety of sponsors.

measureable results

Rovr analytics deliver insight into visitor participation, as well as the value of your content and your tours. It helps you develop the content in the direction of your visitors to provide them with even more value.

bring the
to life.

a personal experience

Rovr delivers a personal experience with content that visitors can select based on their location and interests.

move beyond text

Rovr allows you to customize your messages, and to use audio, video and photos for a unique experience connecting you with your audience.

deliver content in hours

Rovr lets you deliver existing content in minutes and new content in hours instead of days or months. It’s that easy.

rovr FOR bloggers, brands and storytellers of places

Rovr helps you to connect and grow your audience. It's a new platform allowing creators to deliver multimedia, interactive experiences at the right place and time.

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your world

rovr FOR Visitors, Audiences,
Fans, Travelers

Rovr brings the stories of the places you visit to life. Whether at the ballpark, barhopping in North Beach, hiking at Lands End, Rovr's tours inspire, inform and entertain. Take them, share them, create them. Tour the world with Rovr.

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connect to places

Rovr is the ultimate experience: audio, video, expert content - accessed on your mobile device.

beyond easy

Rovr is easy to use. Content automatically plays based on where you are.

share your adventures

Rovr helps you capture and share your stories with your friends. Introduce them to the places and experiences you love.

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